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Omnilingua Cooking and Wine Italian Course Students at WorkIf you have a great interest in Italian cuisine and love local wines, OMNILINGUA has the course for you.

This special course includes the following elements per week:

4 hours of Italian per day from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.40pm in a group with students of the same level with 4-5 students on average, maximum of 9.

Cooking lessons take place twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday from 16.00pm until 20.00pm at the chef’s home – a beautiful apartment in the centre of Sanremo with a large terrace where one can enjoy a nice view of the city. The chef is very experienced, speaks slowly and introduces students into the secrets of Italian cuisine and the Ligurian specialities. The dishes prepared will then be served and accompanied by Italian wines.

Wine tasting takes place at school on Thursday, usually from 16.30pm to 18.00pm. The participants receive an introduction into the world of Italian wines from a wine expert with a long experience. The event includes the finest and most well-known regional wines, accompanied by typical appetizers of the local cuisine.

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If you have great interest for the Italian cuisine and love the local wines, the school is glad to organize a course made for you.
A course of 30 hours a week includes 20 hours of Italian lessons, 8 hours of cooking lessons (divided in two sessions) as well as 2 hours of wine tasting. All levels, from basic to advanced, are available.

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