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Omnilingua Italian Language Group Courses for Children and AdultsWith 4 hours of group lessons from 9:00 to 12:40 (= 20 hours per week), this type of course is ideal for those who want to study in the morning and participate in the school's cultural and leisure activities in the afternoon. You can relax on the beach with a "gelato", stroll through the winding streets of Sanremo or take a trip to Monaco or Nice.

Our standard course offers time to relax and explore, linguistic progress, looooots of fun and the chance to fully immerse yourself in the Italian culture. Studying with OMNILINGUA is so much more than cramming vocabulary... and the educational program doesn't stop when the school bell rings.

In the afternoon, we organise a varied programme of social and cultural activities that allow you to experience, discover and get to know the real, unfiltered Italy. Aperitif evenings, pizza dinners or wine tastings allow you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice while chatting with fellow students as well as locals. Picturesque mountain villages such as Bussana Vecchia, Triora or Dolceacqua will enchant you - and improving your vocabulary, knowledge and gathering unforgettable experiences are the natural consequence!

The laidback course for bon vivants, ice cream lovers, explorers and future Italian language pros.

Fancy some sun, sea and palm trees? Good food, good mood? Would you like a taste of the Italian way of life? Sign up for the Standard Course or go back to our course overview!

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The courses are divided into 6 main levels according to the common European Reference Chart for language knowledge (CEFR): basic (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), high-intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1). The school is aware that students learn at different paces and some might need more or less time to move on to the next level. Therefore some students may advance to the next level during the course. All the participants, at the end of the course, will receive a certificate displaying the course they have attended, the respective dates and the level they have achieved.
In the following section, you will find a brief description of the different levels, according to the common European Reference Chart for language proficiency (CEFR):

The Basic level is for students who do not have any knowledge of the language.
The Elementary level is for students who have a limited comprehension of the language and are already capable of making simple sentences.
The Intermediate level is for introducing students to more complex grammar. There is a focus on vocabulary and this allows the comprehension of more complex topics. At this level the students are encouraged to discuss and debate on several topics of common interest.
The Upper-intermediate level is aimed at those students who already have a good knowledge of the language and good vocabulary. Advanced grammar, phonetics and a specialised vocabulary are the fundamentals to this course. The students have many opportunities to talk about more complex topics.
In order to follow this Advanced course, the students must have an advanced language proficiency in Italian. Several aspects and uses of the language will be explored in order to enhance fluency in conversation.
A C2 level is essentially a native level. It allows for reading and writing of any type on any subject, nuanced expression of emotions and opinions, and active participation in any academic or professional setting.