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Our translation service: OMNILINGUA offers professional translation and consolidated interpreting services such as certified translations, urgent translations and simultaneous interpreting for companies, professionals and individuals from all over the world. The translators are at your service and available to work on all types of texts with precision: legal translations, technical translations, touristic interpreting as well as medical translation services of several lines or several pages. We offer free translation quotes for both our translation and interpreting services.

Unlike anonymous translation agencies, which can be found on the Internet, Omnilingua personally interacts with the client, offering to discuss what he or she expects from the requested translating or interpreting service.
Omnilingua Translation Services

Certified translations


What is the deadline for the urgent translation service?

It is always possible to request our urgent translation service. We guarantee delivery within 5 working days with a supplement on the original rate. On request, urgent translations can also be delivered the following day.

What is a certified translation? When is it required?

The certified translation service is generally required for the official use of a translation, and when dealing with legal authorities. OMNILINGUA is recognised by the Sanremo Court House and has the right to translate official documents and can therefore provide you with a certified, legal translation service. In case of legal translations, the original document is required.

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Your translation service is available for which languages?













and many more languages...

Our translation service does so much more than simply translate words and phrases but ensures that the desired message, with all its nuances and subtleties, is conveyed. We guarantee high-quality translations by respecting and understanding the cultural background and true meaning of the texts entrusted to us as well as the precision that goes with it!

"I requested OMNILINGUA's translation service for the translation of public documents into a foreign language in order to have them drafted in a bilingual manner and I received an excellent service, carried out with competence, extraordinary professionalism, reliability and courtesy".

Francesco Centola, notary in Sanremo

Translation Agency OMNILINGUA - FAQ

Free Quotes and Prices

Omnilingua Translation Services

How do I get a free quote?

Our Translation Agency must evaluate the workload and analyse the content of the requested translation service or interpreting assignment, in order to draft up a concrete price estimate and provide you with an accurate quotation. The client is kindly requested to indicate his/her name, telephone number and e-mail address and specify from and into which languages he/she would like the translation service and/or interpreting to be carried out. The required documents for drafting your free personalised quote can be sent by e-mail or delivered in person.

How is the cost of your translation service calculated?

The cost of our translation service is calculated by evaluating the number of files contained in your translation - the file is the measurement unit for calculating the content of the document to be translated according to the Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters - and the number of hours for interpreting services.
Each case will be assessed individually according to the following factors: whether you requested an urgent translation service or a legal translation, whether a translation requires a sworn affidavit by the Court of Sanremo in addition to other peculiarities such as translations between several foreign languages, on CD, pagination including drawings, tables or graphics, as well as the proof reading of the translations.

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To know the prices of our translation service and interpreting services, please download our price guide.

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Payments and Delivery Times

Omnilingua Traduzioni Certificate

For the payment of the translation service and interpreting services, a deposit of 50% of the total price must be paid upon accepting the quote. Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card, cash or cheque.

Once the translation service is completed, the documents can be collected personally at OMNILINGUA during our office hours. The full amount is to be paid at the time of collection.

Preparation of the document will be guaranteed within the period agreed with the customer.

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