Life in Sanremo

Sanremo - Italy’s famous resort town is surrounded by an enchanting landscape of rock cliffs and the beautiful blue Ligurian Sea. Sanremo is situated on the western end of the Ligurian Riviera, which stretches right along the coast from Cinque Terre and Portofino as far as Monte Carlo on the Côte Azur, (55 km from Nice Airport in France).
Sanremo seen from Hotel Nazionale Best Western
Commonly known as "La Città della Pace" (Town of Peace) or the Town of Flowers, Sanremo was recently appointed as the home for the World Association of the Nobel Peace Prize. Its lively centre is characterised by the famous Ariston Theatre, wide promenades of palms, elegant boutiques, and typical Italian markets. The beautiful historical centre of Sanremo is a perfect example of late-medieval Italian architecture. A wide variety of artistic, cultural, sporting and social events along with year-round mild weather help to make Sanremo an attractive and fun-filled holiday paradise throughout the year. Sanremo is the capital town of the Riviera of Flowers and is famous for its flower growing industry; millions of flowers are exported every year to the rest of the world. Sanremo has a population of roughly 60,000 inhabitants and the people of Sanremo known for being warm, open-minded and friendly.

Mediterrean climate

The city of Sanremo enjoys an average of 300 days of bright sunshine yearly. The temperatures range from a minimum of 15° C in the winter months to around 30° C in the summer (the water is 26° C). The beaches are clean - some sandy, some stony, and offer a variety of activities and fun. All in all the climate, the beaches, the boulevards and the boutiques make Sanremo a true paradise for vacations all year round.


Liguria is in the north-west of Italy by the French boarder. Liguria is a land of impressive mountains and sweet hills, coloured by the green Mediterranean vegetation facing the Ligurian Sea. It is a region with infinite nuances which can offer a rich array of opportunities for whoever chooses this land for their holiday. Nature, sea, mountains, culture, but also a lot of entertainment: there are many things to choose from. Liguria's greatest resource is the sea, with its rocky coasts interrupted by small beaches with fine sand.

When people talk about Ligurian cuisine, they immediately refer to the famous pesto (a tasty basil sauce) used to flavour pasta. But Liguria is also a land of vineyards and olive trees and their products end up in excellent wines and extra virgin olive oils. Of course there are many sea and meat dishes. Do not forget about the focaccia, the famous “sardenaria” of Sanremo and the thin oven baked chick pea “farinata”. Among the traditional desserts you can find the chocolate “Baci di Sanremo”.

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Sanremo offers a wide variety of social and sporting activities including sailing, surfing, rowing, swimming, scuba diving, tennis, golf and horseback riding. Sanremo is home to numerous festivals including the the “Italian Music Festival” (end of February or beginning of March), the “Great Spring Classic”, also known as the “Milano-Sanremo” bicycle race (mid-March), the “Giraglia Rolex Cup” regatta (May/June), the “Sanremo car Rally” (September/October) and of course the many summer festivals under the “Sanremo Estate” name, hosting many itinerant performances. There is also the “International Golf Championship” in January and the Flower Market.