Language Courses in Sanremo

Learning Italian and other languages at OMNILINGUA in Sanremo gives you the opportunity to combine professional and cultural studies using new teaching technology. You have the possibility to try our new efficient methods, which consists of a full immersion in your chosen language from start to finish of the course.

All this gives you the opportunity to meet people like you from all over the world thanks to our interesting and rich social-cultural programme.

Our courses


The courses are divided into 6 main levels according to the common European Reference Chart for language knowledge (CEFR): basic (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), high-intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1). The school is aware that students learn at different paces and some might need more or less time to move on to the next level. Therefore some students may advance to the next level during the course. All the participants, at the end of the course, will receive a certificate displaying the course they have attended, the respective dates and the level they have achieved.
In the following section, you will find a brief description of the different levels, according to the common European Reference Chart for language proficiency (CEFR):

The Basic level is for students who do not have any knowledge of the language.
The Elementary level is for students who have a limited comprehension of the language and are already capable of making simple sentences.
The Intermediate level is for introducing students to more complex grammar. There is a focus on vocabulary and this allows the comprehension of more complex topics. At this level the students are encouraged to discuss and debate on several topics of common interest.
The Upper-intermediate level is aimed at those students who already have a good knowledge of the language and good vocabulary. Advanced grammar, phonetics and a specialised vocabulary are the fundamentals to this course. The students have many opportunities to talk about more complex topics.
In order to follow this Advanced course, the students must have an advanced language proficiency in Italian. Several aspects and uses of the language will be explored in order to enhance fluency in conversation.
A C2 level is essentially a native level. It allows for reading and writing of any type on any subject, nuanced expression of emotions and opinions, and active participation in any academic or professional setting.

Prices and course dates 2024

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Italian Courses

Italian Language Courses Omnilingua

The main goal for the students is to learn how to speak in confidently and fluently. Since the first day, the lessons are held exclusively in Italian keeping a focus around conversation. Other than the text books, the learning material includes news articles, CDs, literary texts, poems, songs, videos and TV shows. Teachers choose interesting and current topics to help the students have an idea of Italian contemporary culture, society and lifestyle. Furthermore, a direct approach with the language is part of the programme. This approach is interactive, including things such as visiting the market, the library, the shops, etc. to obtain information for projects to complete in class. This offers the possibility to the students to put into practice, in a real setting, what they have learned in class. After these cultural immersions, the school makes sure that the students fully understand the Italian grammar they have encountered and have a solid grammatical base for both written as well as spoken language.

Foreign Language Courses

Knowing a foreign language is like having a global passport – the world is yours! OMNILINGUA offers a wide choice of foreign language courses, all taught by expert and professional native speakers. There are courses available for all needs, such as:

Group lessons
Lessons for couples
Private one-to-one lessons
Children's language courses: a playful first approach with the English language or consolidation of what has been learned in school
Upon request, specific programmes can be followed in order to prepare students for foreign language exams
Upon request, specific programmes can be organised for public entities, security forces and professional categories
The lessons can take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 21:00pm. Upon request, you may also attend lessons on Saturdays. The group lessons often take place 1 or 2 times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours. Individual and couple lessons are set upon the student's request and can begin at any time of the year.
The lessons can take place from Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 10:00pm. Upon request, you may also attend lessons on Saturdays. The group lessons often take place 1 or 2 times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours. Individual and couple lessons are set upon the student's request and can begin at any time of the year.

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and the student may choose among:



OMNILINGUA offers several accommodation options suitable for all needs. According to your habits, priorities and purpose of your stay, you can choose among:

• Apartment with other students
• Private apartment
• Italian family
• Hotel

Both single and double rooms are available. For double rooms, accommodation is organized by dividing the students by gender, carefully paying attention to age and promoting international contacts. The board usually lasts from Sunday evening before the course starts until Saturday morning at 11.00 AM after the last day of class. Some participants prefer to arrive 1 day early or to stay 1 day further – Such option is possible on condition to contact the school within reasonable timing due to organization reasons.

All accommodations are located within 5 to 20 minutes walking distance from school and can be easily reached. The same goes for the beach and the city center. The meeting point for the shared apartment with the other students as well as for the private apartment is the school. In case of an Italian family or Hotel accommodation, the meeting point is either directly the family or the hotel. The guests will receive the lodging address together with the enrollment confirmation. At their arrival they will receive the keys for them to be independent. All accommodations offer sheets, but for both the apartment as well as for the family the students must bring their own towels. Please keep in mind that in Italy, like in the rest of Europe, all electric appliances run at 220Volt/AC and the sockets may be different from other Countries, eventually an adapter must be required.

It's possible to enroll for an Italian course without making any lodging reservation. Upon request, OMNILINGUA can organize an accommodation for relatives and friends that are not attending the classes.

Italian Families

All families are selected carefully and offer a friendly atmosphere, giving a great opportunity to sample the Italian lifestyle. The families are composed by middle aged couples or women living alone. Often the bathroom and the kitchen are shared with the family, but upon request it's possible to ask for a family with a private bathroom. Half board accommodation (vegetarian option included) are included in the price. Upon request it's possible to have the full board by paying the corresponding supplement. The sheets will be provided by the family, the student will only have to bring its own towels. Both single and double rooms are available.


If you'd like, the school can help you choose among several 2 star and 3 star hotels with private bathroom or a B&B and book either a single or a double room for you. All the hotels and boarding houses suggested by the school have an agreement with OMNILINGUA, therefore they can offer special rates for students. The payment is always made through the school. It's always advisable, in this case, to make your reservation in advance, especially during the summer or during the local events, such as the Sanremo Italian Music Festival during the month of February, Easter and other events in September. Upon request you can receive further information or clarifications on the prices, which depend upon the hotel category and the season.

Shared apartments with other students

This type of accommodation is suited for whoever might like a certain independence, but at the same time would like to be in contact with other students. The apartments usually have 2-3 bedrooms (either single or double) and common spaces: kitchen, bathroom, TV, Internet. The sheets will be provided by the school, the student will only have to bring its own towels. The cleaning service is performed before the participants' arrival, but during the stay the students will be responsible for cleaning the space and taking the trash out. For food, please keep in mind that on Sunday most shops are closed.

Private apartments

During the course it's also possible to rent private apartments at a variable price according to the apartment's features. OMNILINGUA can offer you mini-apartments as well as luxury accommodations with four rooms, terrace and garage. Upon request further info will be given to you together with a brief description and digital pictures of the offered apartments. Please contact our school in advance.


The participants can reach Sanremo by plane from Nice Airport, France (85 km), 75 minutes away by train. From the airport you can take a shuttle bus for the Nice train station and from there take a train for Ventimiglia. Once in Ventimiglia, sometimes you may have to catch a connection for Sanremo. Please keep in mind that the last train for Ventimiglia usually leaves from Nice around 6.00 PM. A bus service which connects Ventimiglia to Sanremo is active until late at night. The whole cost of the trip is 11 €. Upon request, the school can organize a shuttle service from and to Nice Airport.

By car, the city of Sanremo is connected to Genoa and Ventimiglia through the A10 Autostrada Milano-Ventimiglia/Montecarlo; look for the “Sanremo Ovest” exit. From there the city center is about 4 Km away.

Please communicate as soon as possible to the school about your day and time of arrival at least 3 days ahead of your departure by phone, email or fax.

In addition to the activities program, the school also offers other services for the well being of our guests and to make their stay the most pleasant and entertaining as possible.

It's possible to organize a paying pick-up service from Nice Airport, France. The school driver will take you from the airport directly to your accommodation in Sanremo. You can choose to use the same transfer service at the moment of your departure. If you wish the school to set up such service, please send us your trip itinerary and your arrival information (including the flight number and terminal number) together, if possible, with your enrollment entry no later than 1 week ahead of your arrival. The price for each single transfer from Nice Airport to Sanremo is 110 € per person. If the service is requested by 2 students, although they don't know each other and traveling separately, the total is 116 €, meaning 82,50 € per person.

Evaluate your level for free

A pre-course meeting with the teacher, free of charge, can be arranged to establish your language proficiency level so that the teacher can allocate you a class before you begin. This way you have the opportunity to meet the teacher and discuss the teaching method, so that you are confident that the school will provide what you are looking for.


Social program

The social events are organized to encourage the participants to make friends and nourish the exchange among different cultures. The activities consist in concerts, movies and plays, free movie nights in school, dinners, wine tastings, beach parties, beach volley, beach soccer, open sea whale watching, bicycle excursions and much more...

In Sanremo, especially, there's the possibility to practice outdoor activities on the beach, the sea and along the coast, for example windsurf, scuba diving and all the sports which can be practiced along the bicycle route: walks, bike rides, skating

Cultural program

The cultural program includes pleasant trips in places such as: Sanremo itself, Bordighera together with the Villa of Queen Margherita, Montecarlo, Menton in France, the medieval villages of the inland (Bussana Vecchia, Triora “The village of witches”, Taggia, Apricale and Dolceacqua with its renowned “Visionarium” cinema, Villa Hambury (one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of the Riviera of Flowers), Villa Nobel, excursions to the several vineyards, olive yards, rose and lavender cultivations.