OMNILINGUA: a seaside resort school

OMNILINGUA was founded in 1999 and is an independent private school that has received several international awards for its services and for its high customer satisfaction. The age of the participants range from 14 - 80, although, during the summer the majority of students are between 18 - 38 years of age. The average age, calculated in the past 20 years is around 40 years old. Other than the standard course, OMNILINGUA offers a specific Senior 50+ programme and it is also a popular language school for organised foreign school groups.

You are likely to meet a variety of people from teenagers to mature people. Everyone has the opportunity to combine the study of languages with a suitable vacation.
Omnilingua Language School Staff
Omnilingua School Main Building

Only two steps from the sea

Liguria is in the north-west of Italy by the French boarder. It is a region of impressive mountains and rolling hills, coloured by the green Mediterranean vegetation facing the Ligurian Sea. This region with infinite nuances can offer a rich array of opportunities for whoever chooses this resort for their holiday. The Ligurian region has a lot to offer: Nature, sea, mountains, culture but also a lot of entertainment. Liguria's greatest resource is the sea, with its rocky coasts interrupted by small beaches with fine sand.

Work With Us

A) Internship for teachers

OMNILINGUA offers the opportunity to carry out an internship for young teachers and helps to provide accommodation for those that need it.

Training Duration

150 hours (40 hours induction for the first 2 weeks with an experienced teacher + 110 hours of independent teaching for the following weeks).


Fixed term contract (minimum 400 hours).
The possibility of room and boarding (in one of the schools' apartments with other students).

Requirements / Characteristics of the role

General introduction in the school’s everyday activity. During the first two weeks: pairing with an experienced teacher in teaching Italian to foreign students. Afterwards the possibility of teaching autonomously to small groups of students.

Work Schedule

From Monday to Friday: 4 to 6 lessons of 50 minutes each per day (9:00 to 12:40; sometimes also 13:30 to 15:10).

If interested, contact us by e-mail attaching your CV with a recent photo.

B) Internship in the administration sector

OMNILINGUA offers the opportunity to carry out an internship for young people who wish to have an experience in an Italian work environment. Participation in the Italian course is preferential, although not mandatory, before starting the internship, to have a clearer view of the school's activities.

Duration of the Internship

Duration: minimum 8 weeks, maximum 24 weeks
Period: all year round


2 weeks of free Italian standard course of the corresponding level (4 hours a day)
Free accommodation in shared apartment with other students
Compensation: none
A dedicated certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the internship


Intermediate Italian and English, both written and spoken
Computer skills
Neat appearance
Good team work skills, flexibility and creativity

Job description

Contact with the students
Daily correspondence
Several marketing activities (direct mailing, Internet Search, University Marketing)
Welcome service (two Sundays each month)
Assistance in the preparation of the weekly social-cultural program

Work schedule

During the first two weeks: from Monday to Friday from 15:30 to 19:30 and two Sundays per month for 4 hours, in exchange of 1 day off within the work week. After the first two weeks: 8:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 – 17:30.

If Interested, contact us by e-mail attaching your CV with a recent photo.